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Prevent the Glebe Silo Billboard Renewal

The Glebe Silo Billboard is scheduled to have its 10-year-lease renewed; if successful this means it will stay until at least 2031. We cannot let this eyesore remain for another 10 years to continue to ruin the Glebe foreshore.

The application also requests extension of the illumination from the current 11pm to 1am. Late night lighting negatively impacts sleeping patterns; contributes to light pollution; impacts wildlife; and impedes the view of the night sky.

This website will set out what you can do to help stop this lease extension, in order to remove this billboard.

How to help

The two most important things to do is to sign the e-Petition against the continued lease of the billboards, which will be delivered to the State government; and to personally object to the billboard's Development Application (DA) via the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment's website.

Signing the e-Petition

To sign the e-Petition, please click here, and follow the prompts.

The petition closes November 3rd.

Development Application Objection

Development applications have a public exhibition period. The period for this billboard runs until the 27th of October. Applications must be submitted before this date.

To submit an application, visit the DA exhibition website and fill out the form under the section titled "Make a submission". Make sure to select the option "I object to it"!

To fill out the required text input called "Submission", you'll need to add some text describing your opposition. To make this easier to fill, we've added a form to automatically generate content for this field, depending on which issues you'd like to include in your response.

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Other ways to help

There are many additional ways to help:

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